When it comes to budget earbuds for under 25$, Lenovo has always been the first brand that comes to mind. However, Lenovo’s recent release of the Lenovo XT61 Open-Ear Earbuds has confirmed that narrative. These newcomers to the market have generated quite a buzz, and after putting them to the test, it’s safe to say they have exceeded expectations. It stands out not only for its distinctive design but also for its promise of delivering quality audio.

In this full review, we will leave no stone unturned as we delve deep into every aspect of these earbuds, including their design that resembles earrings or ear clips, and see the unboxing experience, comfort and fit, sound quality, user-friendly controls, battery life, microphone performance, and overall value for money with the verdict.

Lenovo XT61 Open-Ear Earbuds Review: Surprisingly Performance for the Price

Lenovo XT61 Features

  • Ear Clips Style With Open-Ear Design
  • 13mm Dynamic Driver
  • Advanced Bluetooth 5.3
  • Ultra Low latency
  • 15H Long Battery Life
Lenovo XT61 Open-Ear Earbuds Review: Surprisingly Performance for the Price

Design and Comfort:

Design-wise, the charging case is quite impressive. It may look like a simple square box, but it has a unique triangular-shaped charging case that is an instant attention-grabber. With a sleek glossy white finish and a transparent top cover, it combines elegance with distinctiveness. What’s particularly noteworthy is the availability of three color options—black, pink, and white—allowing users to select their preferred style.

Lenovo XT61 Open-Ear Earbuds Review: Surprisingly Performance for the Price

On the front, you’ll see the “Thinkplus” branding, the Lenovo logo is on the back, and there’s a hole for a lanyard at the bottom. On the bottom right side, you’ll find the USB Type-C charging port, along with some information. Notably, the magnetic lid on this case is impressively robust, a feature often overlooked in earbud cases. Furthermore, the presence of a Type-C charging port on the back adds to its convenience.

Now, let’s talk about the earbuds themselves. the Lenovo Thinkplus XT61 earbuds break away from the conventional in-ear design. Instead, they employ a distinctive clamping mechanism that comfortably secures them to the sides of your ears. This unique design choice makes them exceptionally comfortable for prolonged wear, making them an ideal choice for those long gym sessions or extended listening marathons.

Lenovo XT61 Open-Ear Earbuds Review: Surprisingly Performance for the Price

Visually, you might notice that they seem slightly bulky in the housing, This innovation may not be universally comfortable, especially for those with medium-sized ears. The bulkier housing might lead to discomfort during extended usage for some users, but it’s essential to recognize that individuals with larger ears may find them accommodating. Comfort preferences vary significantly.

Touch Controls

Usability is a critical consideration when evaluating wireless earbuds. Lenovo has equipped the Thinkplus XT61 with touch controls, allowing users to effortlessly navigate through tracks, adjust volume, and manage calls. However, it seems there was an issue with some units that touch sensor on the left earbuds didn’t work, so only the right earbuds responded to touch controls.

Click ActionEarbud Function
Single Click:Play/Pause and Answer/End
Double Click:Volume- (Decrease volume)
Triple Click:Previous/Next (Skip to previous or next track)
Long Press:Reject/Voice Assistant (Reject call or activate voice assistant)
Long Press (Right Earbud Only):Game/Music Switch (Switch between gaming and music modes)

Sound Quality and Performance:

As for the specifications, there isn’t much information available for the Lenovo XT61. We know it comes with Bluetooth version 5.3 and features a single 13mm driver. Unfortunately, there’s no clear information about any protective features.
Now, The crux of any earbud review is sound quality, and the Thinkplus XT61 does not disappoint. It offers a standard sound profile, leaning towards a flatter low-frequency range with limited detail. Mid-range frequencies for vocals and clarity are decent, with vocals feeling slightly dry but still manageable. However, at higher volumes, it tends to get a bit uncomfortable.

In terms of high-frequency or treble performance, it’s also quite standard. As for power, I felt that the Thinkplus XT61 lacked a bit. I often had to turn up the volume quite high indoors to get good sound quality. Another issue I experienced with these Lenovo earbuds is audio synchronization problems while streaming or browsing. Occasionally, the sound would break up, and there would be synchronization issues between the left and right earbuds. This was quite annoying.

So, to conclude all this I can tell you that this earbud offers a well-balanced sound profile, with a clear mid-range and a commendable low-end presence. While they may not deliver thunderous bass, they excel in providing a detailed and immersive audio experience. The unique open-ear design contributes to a surround sound-like effect, elevating the overall enjoyment of music and other audio content.

Lenovo XT61 Open-Ear Earbuds Review: Surprisingly Performance for the Price

Microphone Quality:

For those who rely on earbuds for calls, microphone performance is a critical aspect. The Thinkplus XT61 features a microphone in the right earbud, offering decent audio quality suitable for regular voice calls. While it meets the requirements for everyday use, it may not satisfy those seeking professional-grade audio.

Battery Life:

Battery life is crucial for uninterrupted listening. Each earbud boasts a 30mAh capacity, providing up to 3.5 hours of usage, with the case offering a 250mAh additional charging capacity.

Lenovo XT61 Open-Ear Earbuds Review: Surprisingly Performance for the Price


In conclusion, the Lenovo Thinkplus XT61 TWS Earbuds introduce a unique and eye-catching design, making them stand out in a crowded market of budget earbuds. They excel in delivering a balanced and clear sound profile, enhancing the listening experience. However, some issues that I mentioned in the review may deter some users. Battery life is adequate, but potential synchronization problems should be noted. With their unique design, comfortable fit, and sound quality, they offer a compelling option for those seeking an alternative to traditional in-ear or over-ear headphones. At a price point of around $15, they provide excellent value for money, So I recommend them, especially for those who prefer open-ear designs. If you’re in the market for affordable, quality earbuds, the Lenovo XT6 is worth considering.

Lenovo XT61 Open-Ear Earbuds Review: Surprisingly Performance for the Price

To be honest I prefer the Thinkplus XT83 Mark 2, which we reviewed earlier. However, personal preferences vary, and what works for me might not work for you. If you’re curious and want to try them out, you can find purchase links in the description below.

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