with the market saturated by an abundance of options, selecting the ideal smartwatch can be a challenging endeavor. In this detailed and comprehensive article, we will undertake an exhaustive comparison of two prominent smartwatches, the HK9 Ultra 2 and the HW69 Ultra 2. These watches have been making waves in the market as some of the best Apple Watch Ultra 2 clones or replicas available. In this in-depth comparison, we’ll break down the key differences and similarities between these two, to help you decide which one might be the right choice for you.

HW69 Ultra 2 vs. HK9 Ultra 2: A Detailed Comparison of Apple Watch Ultra 2 Clones

Unboxing Experience:

The unboxing experience of any product is often a significant part of the excitement. Both the HK9 Ultra 2 and the HW69 Ultra 2 come in distinct packaging, adding to the anticipation of what lies inside. The HK9 Ultra 2 arrives in a sleek and minimalistic box. The packaging proudly displays various features, including access to an application market, AI watch faces, playback, and recording capabilities. Upon opening, you’ll find a leaflet with essential instructions, a USB Type-A charger, and a high-quality Ocean Strap.

In contrast, the HW69 Ultra 2 boasts its own unique packaging. The box proudly proclaims its 100% Amulet screen and features like artificial intelligence, dynamic island, application market, local playback, and more. Inside the box, you’ll discover a leaflet, a USB Type-A charger, and not one but two straps – the famous Trial Loop and a high-quality Ocean Strap. What sets the HW69 Ultra 2 apart is the inclusion of an extra strap, adding to its overall value.

Design and Build:

The first aspect that immediately captures the attention when unboxing these two smartwatches is their design and build quality. The HK9 Ultra 2 arrives with a more refined and sophisticated body, distinguished by a notable GPS antenna lining on its frame, setting it apart from the HW69 Ultra 2. Both these watches are 49mm in size, ensuring compatibility with the Apple Watch Ultra case. In terms of color, both smartwatches share a similar shade, but they do not precisely match the color of the Apple Watch Ultra or Ultra 2.

HW69 Ultra 2 vs. HK9 Ultra 2: A Detailed Comparison of Apple Watch Ultra 2 Clones

However, it is essential to note that the speaker size in both models is slightly larger, which results in them not fitting perfectly in the speaker hole of the Apple Watch Ultra case.

Moreover, the HW69 Ultra 2 impresses with its inclusion of two straps in the box, namely the Trail Loop and Ocean Strap, while the HK9 Ultra 2 provides only the Ocean Strap.


One of the crucial aspects of any smartwatch is its display. Both the HK9 Ultra 2 and HW 69 Ultra 2 feature an Amulet display, which promises vibrant visuals and sharp clarity. However, it is important to note that their screen size does not precisely match that of the Apple Watch Ultra.

HW69 Ultra 2 vs. HK9 Ultra 2: A Detailed Comparison of Apple Watch Ultra 2 Clones

One standout feature is the “always-on” display option, allowing both watches to remain active for a maximum of 20 minutes using the constant light setting on the watch faces.

HW69 Ultra 2 vs. HK9 Ultra 2: A Detailed Comparison of Apple Watch Ultra 2 Clones

Both smartwatches support digital and pointer clock watch faces and offer convenient raise-hand gestures. However, they lack the tap-to-wake feature, which is becoming increasingly common in modern smartwatches.

User Interface and Navigation:

The user interface and navigation experience significantly impact the overall usability of a smartwatch. Both the HK9 Ultra 2 and HW69 Ultra 2 utilize the WatchOS 10 operating system, which is known for its intuitive interface. The menu style of these smartwatches closely resembles that of the Watch OS 10, featuring a novel vertical movement. Notably, the HW69 Ultra 2 exhibits faster menu opening and quitting speeds than the HK9 Ultra 2, making it more responsive in terms of navigation.

HW69 Ultra 2 vs. HK9 Ultra 2: A Detailed Comparison of Apple Watch Ultra 2 Clones

Both smartwatches offer a widget screen accessed by a simple scroll-up gesture. Additionally, a double-click on the Crown Key allows users to access the app history function, while a press of the side key opens the control center. Navigating the menus is effortless on both watches, with a selection of menu styles to choose from, including the popular honeycomb style.

Watch Faces:

The watch face is not just a visual element; it is often the heart and soul of a smartwatch. Both the HK9 Ultra 2 and HW69 Ultra 2 come equipped with a selection of aesthetically pleasing watch faces. These include a new watch face, a pointer watch face, a digital watch face, a Pathfinder watch face, and an Earth watch face. It is essential to mention that both watches provide a range of customization options for users to select and personalize their preferred watch faces. However, the HW69 Ultra 2 offers a more limited selection in this regard, lacking theme customization.

Furthermore, both smartwatches support the 12-hour clock format, which is the most common and user-friendly timekeeping system worldwide. An interesting aspect of these watches is their compatibility with additional watch faces. Users have the option to install up to six watch faces from the dial market of the Wearfit Pro application. This flexibility enables users to have a diverse collection of watch faces to choose from, depending on their mood or style.


The real power of a smartwatch lies in its ability to offer a wide array of applications that enhance various aspects of our daily lives. Both the HK9 Ultra 2 and HW 69 Ultra 2 do not disappoint in this regard. Let’s delve into the applications they offer:

  • AI Watch Face: Both smartwatches feature an AI watch face option that enables users to create custom watch faces using AI-exclusive dials. This allows for a high level of personalization and uniqueness.
  • Memory: The HK9 Ultra 2 boasts 2GB of memory, while the HW69 Ultra 2 provides 1 GB. This memory can be utilized for various purposes, including storing music directly on the smartwatches.
  • Sound Recording: Both smartwatches offer sound recording capabilities, which can be handy for taking voice notes or memos on the go. However, it is important to note that the recorded sound cannot be transferred to a smartphone.
  • Health Monitoring: In the realm of health and fitness, both these smartwatches provide comprehensive features, including heart rate monitoring, blood pressure measurement, blood oxygen level tracking, blood sugar level monitoring, and respiratory rate checks. These features are essential for anyone interested in tracking their health metrics conveniently.

Unique Features:

While the core functionality of smartwatches often overlaps, it’s the unique features that set them apart. The HW69 Ultra 2 distinguishes itself with the inclusion of a Muslim prayer application. This application enables users to keep track of prayer times, locate the Qibla direction (the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia), and even access the Quran. Furthermore, the HW69 Ultra 2 offers support for Alipay and WeChat Pay, making it a convenient choice for those who prefer digital payment options.

Battery Life:

The longevity of a smartwatch’s battery life is a crucial consideration, as no one wants to constantly charge their device. The HK9 Ultra 2 is advertised to come with a battery capacity of 320mAh, while the HW69 Ultra 2 is advertised to have a slightly lower capacity of 250mAh.

Interestingly, during testing, the HW69 Ultra 2 demonstrated slightly better battery performance. To put this into perspective, both smartwatches were at 100% when the testing began. After an hour of use and recording, the HK9 Ultra 2’s battery had depleted to 86%, while the HW69 Ultra 2 remained at 87%. This result is particularly noteworthy because it contradicts the expectation that a larger battery capacity should result in better endurance. It indicates that factors beyond battery size, such as software optimization and power efficiency, significantly influence battery performance.

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