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Deadline for Submission January 31, 2018

Down Syndrome Association of West Michigan

The Shoreline Center of Grand Haven, MI offers mental health, applied behavior analysis and related services to the lakeshore and surrounding communities. Our goal is to bring convenient, affordable and excellent quality services to the people in our community.

National Down Syndrome Congressleading national resource of support and information for anyone touched by or seeking to learn about Down syndrome, from the moment of a prenatal diagnosis through adulthood

Down Country 

~ An organization located in the tri-state area of Illinois, Missouri & Iowa.   Primary Mission:  Down Country operates with two goals: 1) to promote positive awareness for individuals with different capabilities (disabilities/exceptional abilities) in the Tri-State area and 2) Facilitating the education/specializes training of teachers, therapists, administrators, doctors, nurses, support staff, families, and rural residents working with differently capable people within the Tri-State rural community. It’s dedicated to helping provide training and promoting positive awareness for individuals of all different CAPABILTIES (disabilities and abilities).  

American Academy of Pediatrics Guidelines for Medical Professionals - Health Supervision for Children with Down Syndrome